Whole body cryotherapy treatments in Barcelona

Welcome to our therapy center for sports recovery in Barcelona center.
We offer whole body cryotherapy treatments in cryochamber/cryosauna and Normatec Compression system
Open during weekends for main sports events in the city as Barcelona Zurich Marathon - Santander Triathlon - Edreams half marathon - Spartan race - Ultra Trail  Barcelona -
Newspaper articles about cryotherapy
Cryo Chambers Cooling Off Bucs


The idea of exposing the body to liquid nitrogen is sure to be alarming to anyone who has seen items frozen solid then shattered after being covered in the stuff. But the substance plays a key role in one of latest trends in athletic recooperation that is being embraced by professional sports teams. Dubbed cryosaunas, cryo chambers, or cryo tubs, the seven-foot-tall metal cylinders use liquid nitrogen tanks to instantly cool the inside of the tube.

The cold hard truth about cryotherapy: NBA Insider

After last weekend, I will never say I'm cold again. My colleagues Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon Journal, Allie Clifton of Fox Sports Ohio and I decided to visit the U.S. Cryotherapy chamber in Roseville, Calif., about 30 minutes east of Sacramento. We were intrigued last season after some of the Cavaliers tried the therapy and reported feeling fantastic afterward, although former Cav Luke Walton had warned us, “The first time is the worst. Your mind is telling you, ‘I might die.'''

Cryotherapy chamber has athletes feeling on top of the world in minus 170 degrees


Canberra boxer Steve Lovett is standing in nothing but his boxers and enduring exposure to -130 degrees Celsius, more than 40 degrees lower than the coldest natural temperature ever recorded on earth.

And after just two minutes in a cryotherapy chamber, Lovett says he feels on top of the world.

"I feel 100 per cent afterwards," said Lovett, who is now professionally based in the US.

So what are cryotherapy chambers?

Cryotherapy treatment used by fibromyalgia sufferers

Some fibromyalgia sufferers have turned to cryotherapy as they fight chronic pain and fatigue. This treatment involves exposing the body to freezing temperatures, and whole body cryotherapy tends to be the most popular option. Fibromyalgia patients claim to have found relief from using this method.


Whole body treatments in Barcelona center uppon apointment. Legs recovery for athletes with cryotherapy. Fully recovery your legs with Normatec + cryosauna. Located in Barcelona center at Vila olimpica area. Special discounts for groups and participants at Barcelona Marathon, Barcelona Santander triathlon, Cursa Merce, Cursa Nassos, Carrera de la mujer, Jeanbouin, Cursa bombers.

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